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This course is for those who apply security controls other than screening to secure cargo and mail, to provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to undertake their duties effectively.

Estimated Time: 2 hours

Last Updated: December 2023

What you will learn

The threat to aviation

Security in the aviation industry

The trainee’s role

Overview of cargo and mail

Acceptance and dispatch of cargo and mail

Prohibited articles and concealments

How to complete this Course

This course is fully online, from booking through to certification. Once booking is complete delegates can log in to their account to enjoy their learning experience. It is possible to pause whilst doing the course and come back later or another day. However, once the exam is started this must be completed without pausing. The exam can be retaken twice giving delegates a total of three attempts to pass the course.


  • Quiet and well-lit environment without distractions

  • Computer with internet connection

  • Minimum IE11 or above, or any Chrome or Firefox version released in the last year

  • For the best experience, latest version of Chrome or Firefox

  • Speakers or headphones

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